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The Standard for Digital Rights

Smart Data Enables Trustable Digital Relationships

We’re focusing on how humanity can control technology by limiting the uses of our data, even after it’s been shared. This requires creating a global standard for attaching and enforcing agreements to our increasingly mobile data 

Solutions for People and organizations

Smart Data = Self Aware Data

Self Aware Data Improves Security, Control & Automation 

Digital Civil Rights

For People


Consent to Future Data Uses

All future uses of your data require your express permission. We cannot know all the potential future uses for our data, but we can require our consent to all emergent new uses.


Master Preference Center

Automatically synchronize privacy settings like email opt-ins, cookie tracking selections, and site privacy choices across many brand relationships from a single location.

Automated Data Rights

Smart Data enforces and automates your legal rights like the right to Consent, Be Forgotten, Data Portability, and Jurisdictional Compliance.

Digital Rights Management

For Organizations

Data Monetization

Smart Data can control and report its use, take automated protective action, and even self-destruct. Data can be monetized differently based on who, when, where, and how it’s used by customers.

Digital Scarcity

Data Containers possess a Universal Unique Identifier (UUID), ensuring a fixed number of legitimate copies. All data and media (NFTs) can be secured and licensed for specific uses and universally monitored. 

Automated Compliance

Smart Data enforces and automates privacy, security, and marketing compliance as well as internal data policies.

Smart Data For People

Personal Data Control

Conveniently manage your marketing and privacy preferences across many brand relationships from one Master Preference Center. Your information is always stored, shared, and used in ways you understand and value. 

Smart Data puts you in control of your data to ensure it always serves your changing and growing needs while prohibiting all other uses. Your data is used to create and tailor highly personalized digital relationships of your choice.

Personal Data Pod

Pods are like secure personal web servers for your data. All data in a pod is accessible via the Solid Protocol. You control who and what can access your data securely stored in your Personal Data Pod.

Customizable Personas

Federated and Self-Sovereign Identity let us control our many identities across many communities. Use different identities for different contexts like personal roles, work roles, or recreational roles. 

Bring Your Own Encryption

Secure your data with BYOE of your choice and keys you control. By design, the Smart Data Protocol can never access your data or enable others to access your data without your awareness and cooperation.

One-Click Registration

One-Click registration simplifies and accelerates new digital relationships. All affected Smart Data automatically updates when you change your master information.

Data Remote Control

Revoke consent and access with one click. Smart Data is created, transferred, versioned, deactivated when noncompliant, eventually ended revoking access, and finally flagged for deletion. 

Personalization Choreography

Smart Data configures and controls the personalization of your choosing. They choreograph personalized digital services across multiple organizations to serve your unique needs.

Smart Data For Organizations

Durable Customer Relationships

Next-generation applications require exponentially more data. They require more accurate, personal, sensitive, and immediate contextually relevant data. They need to share data across more services and partners to provide choreographed personalized solutions.

This creates profound security, privacy, and user experience challenges. Smart data solves these problems while creating data-rich, high-quality, and loyal digital relationships based on respect, trust, and transparency.

Compliance Automation

Smart Data automates security, privacy, policy, and marketing compliance by attaching relevant compliance rules to all data. Distributed enforcement and monitoring ensures data flows smoothly with pro-active compliance.

Zero-Trust Security

Zero-Trust Security shifts the security perimeter from the object to the identity of a person or thing. Centralize control of data while distributing enforcement anywhere organizational data flows and grows.

Edge-Compute & Edge AI

Edge Compute and Edge AI shift data processing as close to end-users as possible for performance, security, and privacy purposes. Smart Data is the standard for Edge Compute data orchestration, security, and compliance.

Intelligent Composable Apps

Intelligent Composable Business allows rapidly redesigned digital business moments, new business models, automation, products, services, and channels via modular data and application architectures. 

Internet of Behaviors (IoB)

Internet of Behaviors (IoB) seeks to understand data to alter behaviors from a human psychology perspective. All IoB platforms face growing global regulatory oversight. They require comprehensive and enforceable user consent.

Thomas PainE – Rights of Man 1791

“We have only those rights we can defend

Smart Data Protocol

The Protocol that Protects Freedom by Putting Humanity in Control of Technology

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Creating the Standard for Digital Rights

We’re focusing on how humanity can control the technology around us by limiting the uses of our data, even after it’s been shared. This requires creating a global standard for attaching and enforcing agreements to our increasingly mobile data. 

If the pervasive automation of regulations, policies, licenses, and preferences impacts your organization, we’d enjoy discussing how we can collaborate.