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Data Freedom Foundation is the first non-profit research and standards organization designed to operate at the speed of innovation to secure human control of technology.

Smart Data Controls

Who, Where, When, & How

Others Use Your Data

The Smart Data Protocol empowers you to control your data, enforcing ownership and security, providing transparency and integrity, to monetize your data and knowledge.

Smart Data Introduces Trust Envelopes to Protect Your Data

Trust Envelopes are a new type of data protection technology that enhances your data with an array of intelligent capabilities.

The Smart Data Protocol uses Trust Envelopes to:

  1. Assert its ownership,
  2. Record its history,
  3. Give your data self awareness and intelligence,
  4. To control who, where, when, and how your data is used by others.

The Smart Data Protocol solves many data quality and integrity challenges in an integrated manner by standardizing the interoperability of many types of Trust Envelopes.

This approach empowers you to change or revoke Trust Envelopes any time and enforce usage rules every time your data is accessed by others, everywhere it flows and grows.

What Can Smart Data Do?

A transformational data quality standard that turns data into a trusted digtal asset.

The Smart Data Protocol dramatically improves data ownership, security, integrity, quality, and interoperability through an integrated and holistic architecture.

Ownership & Control

Take control of your data to configure who, where, when, and how others use your data to enforce data ownership, usage transparency, as well as access control and revocation.

Shared Meaning

Ensure seamless data portability, interoperability, and integration based on a semantic ‘shared meaning’ using standardized ontologies and taxonomies.

Layered Security

Implement additional layers of encryption, access controls, and authentication mechanisms attached to your data to protect it from unauthorized access.

Trusted Integrity

Utilize cryptographic techniques that ensure data integrity, that prevents data manipulation, and that guarantees the accuracy and reliability of your digital assets.


Comprehensively and confidently collect data quality metadata to ensure data is accurate, complete, and consistent, enhancing overall quality, reliability, and trust.


Implement decentralized data exchanges enabling, compliant, and trusted data sharing across multi-party data transactions without costly or untrusted intermediaries.

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