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The Standard for Digital Rights

Smart Data uses Data Containers with Smart Data Contracts that automate regulations, policies, licenses, and user preferences

Master Preference Centers

Control all email opt-ins, cookie tracking selections, and site privacy choices across many brand relationships from one convenient location

Secure & Control Your Data

Smart Data uses software controlled data containers to secure, contract, encrypt, transfer, audit, program and monetize your data

Automated Privacy Compliance

Smart Data automatically enforces data portability, right to be forgotten, jurisdictional restrictions, and many other privacy requirements


We have Smart Phones, Smart Cars, Smart Homes, and Smart Cities

Why is data so dumb?

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The Standard for Digital Rights

Smart Data Enables Trustable Digital Relationships

Smart Data involves transactions between two parties using data secured within Data Containers with Smart Data Contracts that enforce preferences, policies, licenses, regulations, terms of use, and other data agreements.

Smart Data is created, transferred, versioned, activated when compliant, deactivated when not compliant, eventually ended by the owner revoking all data access, and finally flagged for deletion.

We Started Here

Consent must be defendable, explicit, informed, eternal, and unlimited right to control the uses of our accumulated data

Smart Data Protocol

The Protocol that Protects Freedom by Ensuring Humanity Controls Technology

Solutions for People and organizations

Start Your Journey

Whether you’re a person, family, community, or organization, Smart Data solves many of our most critical data challenges.

Digital CIVIL Rights

For People

Smart Data puts you in control of your data to ensure it always serves your changing and growing needs while prohibiting all other uses.

Your data is used to create and tailor highly personalized digital relationships of your choice. Your information is always stored, shared, and used in ways you understand and value.

Digital Rights Management

For Organizations

Next-generation applications will require exponentially more data. They require more accurate, personal, sensitive, and immediate contextually relevant data.

They need a standard to share data across more services and partners to provide choreographed personalized solutions. 

Thomas PainE – Rights of Man 1791

“We have only those rights we can defend

Our Story

We Started Because We Want to Make the World A Better Place

Between 1997 and 2011, various academic institutions, collaborating with World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), worked through many interrelated efforts to create policy, regulatory, and contractual control architectures for our shared data.  By 2011, Big Tech ended all of these efforts.

Our Medium Article, Smart Data – A Brief Timeline of Intelligent Technology, covers the many unadopted standards in more detail.

While regulatory rights are essential, technology that protects those rights is a fundamental necessity. Our team has continued working on this problem for the last decade. We picked up where the Internet standards bodies left off, and we’ve discovered a simple and elegant solution.

We saw a growing opportunity to use new decentralized protocols, smart contracts, zero-knowledge proofs, and secure multiparty computation to propose a new non-profit and open-source backed effort to solve this existential human, technical, and social problem.

Alan Rodriguez – data Freedom Foundation

“They who give up freedom of thought for peace of mind, deserve neither”

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Creating the Standard for Digital Rights

We’re focusing on how humanity can control the technology around us by limiting the uses of our data, even after it’s been shared. This requires creating a global standard for attaching and enforcing agreements to our increasingly mobile data. 

If the pervasive automation of regulations, policies, licenses, and preferences impacts your organization, we’d enjoy discussing how we can collaborate.